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Skin care

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Principle: The skin cells that covers the facial area is unique and different from skin in other parts of a human body. The face contains a large number of sebaceous glands and have a greater number of nerve endings making it highly sensitive to touch and pain.

Ayurveda treats the face as an important aspect of the body constitution the reflection of the inner self. Any changes in the body constitution would affect the general organ function, which in time would reflect on the face. A glowing skin is a reflection of inner health and good balance, both physically and spiritually.

Neeta’s Herbal Skin Care range uses traditional recipes to produce a superb range of natural herbal skin care products. These products are made from natural ingredients that compliment your skin and works with the natural oils that are already in your skin to produce a natural look.


Using Herbal based skin care you will notice less skin reactions. It helps to heal your skin naturally. If you notice that some dry patches appears on your face or  very oily patch or a combination of dry/oily or if something feels different to you.

It’s not easy to find the right herbal skin care that is right for you so you may want to consult with our skin care specialist who will examine your skin to determine what skin type you have and then instruct you on how to use our herbal skin care products. You might want to request a herbal facial, if you have never had one before. A herbal facial can leave your skin feeling extra clean.

Neeta’s Herbal skin care products is for both men and women. As it contains natural ingredients, there is less chance of a bad reaction. Redness and irritation may occur when you have a bad skin reaction to a product. It may burn and become worse when you try to put something on it. Herbal skin care products are less likely to cause a reaction to your skin.


Description: Ideal cleanser made of mint leaves and the pure oils of rosemary and bergamot. This cleanser is stringent and therefore helps deep cleanse the skin. This leaves the pores clean from toxic deposits which may impair the normal functioning of the skin follicles. This is a gentle cleanser, which avoids stimulating the subaceous glands further.

Description: This is an excellent skin tonic. Rose flower extracts acts as a soothing effect on the skin. The orange flower extract helps to restore the skin's acid mantle and stimulate cell replacement.

Description: The extracts of date form the basic actives ingredient of this cream. It softens the skin while offering a protective coverage against dust and heat. Good as an all purpose cream.

Description: A natural antiseptic, turmeric has long been used as a beauty aid by people all over the world. It protects the skin from all types of fungal and bacterial infection. Turmeric together with fennel purifies the skin and lightens the skin appearance

Description: Excellent formulation made up of carrot and lemon extracts in combination of lactic acid (milk based). The cream lightens the skin and the lactic acid derivative from milk is known to retard melanin production. Makes the complexion fair and smooth.

Description: Peel of mask made from an ancient tradition recipe consisting of 25 different pulses, herbs and grains. A must for general skin care and offers the most optimum result in skin rejuvenation. Highly recommended skin therapy for reconditioning the skin.

Description: The cream consists of cabbage and dates extract. A highly emollient cream helps heal scars and smooth wrinkles. Offers protection against the high temperature in tropical countries.

Description: Almond oil has been long known as an excellent skin enrichner. Together with wheatgerm oil this cream offers a soothing a moisturizing effect. Excellent for undereye management

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